Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cute Yoga Bags by Gravis

Since doing yoga is all the craze now, all I ever see are women stuffing their change of clothes in a backpack or duffel bag while their rolled up yoga mat is jammed into the handle of said backpack/duffel. My joy was instant when I saw this bag made especially for all you yoga-ers! Apparently, these bags have been around for a looong time and I guess I just haven't ever heard of them before. If any of you ladies are like me and haven't seen this, it's a great way to simplifying the trip to the gym.!

Made to be large enough for your yoga mat to be securely strapped in, the Yoga bag by Gravis can also fit your keys, wallet, phone and even a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Little side pockets are great for towels and shoes while the double shoulder strap relieves your worked-out shoulders. Comes in black, brown, or 'jellyfish' (shown here) for $83.95US... includes a yoga mat!!